Why use a Realtor® when selling property?

Cheaper isn’t always better right?  Wait, that rings a doorbell (pun intended clearly)… (click here if it doesn’t)

It means just as much when choosing a listing agent to sell your property.

Here’s a handy list that your personal selling agent will be able to do for you:

  • We act as your advisor through the whole selling process
  • We help advise you on ways to improve your home’s curb and buyer appeal with a network of service providers at the ready for you
  • We help set realistic, competitive pricing, and guide you through all the paperwork involved
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS), you can’t list there without our help. It’s a HUGE benefit, it allows ANY realtor to show your home, even if it’s not their listing! It’s like having every Manitoba Realtor® work for you!
  • We will be your personal assistant when it comes to your home, phone inquiries, appointments, open houses, showings, buyer follow ups. You have better things to do with your time I’m sure.
  • We negotiate the best deal for you. Assisting with counter-offers, help resolve issues and remain objective in handling buyers concerns. Most importantly EXPLAIN the offer to you clearly!
  • We will help you right through to closing, familiarizing you with procedures in advance and being there to ensure it’s successful
  • The list goes on and on!

As Winnipeg Realtors goes on to explain in detail here, there are 9 big steps to selling your home:

  1. Find a Realtor® to sell your home.
  2. Maximizing your home value.
  3. Listing and pricing your home.
  4. Marketing your home.
  5. Home staging and open houses
  6. Reviewing and accepting on offer on home
  7. Negotiating and counter offers
  8. Home closing process
  9. Possession day

It’s a process, there is no denying it. We, as your Realtor®, are here to help guide you through that process to make it as stress free as we possibly can.

When you have questions, we have answers. We are there for YOU the seller, no one else. When you sign a Listing agreement with a Manitoba Realtor® you can be assured we will do everything we can to help you through the process from start to finish.

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